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Randolph High School

Suzette Nolan » Welcome Ro-Hawks!

Welcome Ro-Hawks!

Hi Ro-hawks, it is privilege and honor to be teaching at Randolph Secondary Schools.   In 2003, I was blessed to be hired, in my opinion, at one of the BEST schools in the United States.  As a social studies enthusiast, I navigate through a plethora of social studies courses throughout the day.   I instruct learners through the maze of learning objectives, writing prompts and rigor of AP World History and AP Psychology.  World History classes travel through time of man from prehistory to modern day.   Sociology students evaluate and analyze the social institutions of the United States.  And finally, Psychology learners will analyze the theories, mental health issues and psychologists of this course.  So,  I am happy for the opportunity to instruct and to be a small part of your student's academic career.   And I would also like to Thank YOU for your military service and your families sacrifices for our country!  Go Ro-Hawks!
Nolan's Schedule
1st Sociology (Semester class)
2nd AP World History 
3rd AP Psychology (Semester class)
4th  World History
5th World History
6th Psychology (Semester)
7th Conference
Tutoring Schedule:


      Monday through Thursday 3:40 pm -4:05 pm

Google Classrooms:

Students will receive  their Google classroom code the first week of school; however, if your student has not received the code, please email me directly  at Any parents needing to be invited for Google Classroom email summaries, please email me directly with your preferred email. New students throughout the year will be added on their first day in class.

If you have more questions, please email at or call 210-357-2402.