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Randolph High School

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Class Schedule

Link to Online- Alternating Live Classes Schedule
1st Period M/W 9:40-10:45 Fri: 9:40-1010 Art 2
2nd Period M/W 10:50-11:55 Fri: 10:15-10:45 Art 3, 4, AP
3rd Period M/W 12:55- 2:00 Fri: 10:50-11:20 Art 2
4th Period M/W 2:05-3:10 Fri: 11:25-11:55 Planning 
5th Period Tu/Th: 9:40-10:45 Fri: 12:00-12:30 Art 1
6th Period Tu/Th:10:50-11:55 Fri: 1:25- 1:55 Art 1
7th Period Tu/Th:12:55- 2:00 Fri: 2:00-2:35
Art 1
Tutoring: Monday-Thursday 3:15-4:00
Student intervention and extended labs: Friday 2:40-4:00

On days that a class period is scheduled for a specific time, teachers will provide live online instruction. It is required for all students to attend the online class to be considered present for the course. Class periods that state “student log in” require the student to log into the class’s Google Classroom and complete the daily concept check in order for the student to be counted present. Students will have until 11:59pm of that day submit the concept check answer in Google Classroom