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Randolph High School

Nicole Douglas » Class Expectations:

Class Expectations:

Daily Expectations:The expectations are that students arrive on time, prepared, with your supplies and ready to work. During our online sessions you are expected to be logged in on time, with your camera on, and your microphone muted.

 Required Materials:
#2 pencil (non-mechanical)
1 sharpener
1 large eraser
1 fine black sharpie
1 extra fine black sharpie
1 black ballpoint pen (or art fineliner such as micron)
Set of 12 (minimum) colored pencils
12” ruler
Sketchbook- blank white pages- (approx. 9”x12” in size)
Tape (any kind will work)

Your overall grade will be based on the following percentages:
Major: 60% (final projects)
Minor:  40% (quizzes, daily assignments, ect)


Homework:Homework will be very rarely assigned, although It is expected to be completed and returned by the assigned due date.

Late Work: Late work will be accepted up to 2 weeks past an assignments due date. 

Cell Phones/ Ipads/ Ipods/ Other technology expectations: Texting and using your cell phone to make calls is prohibited in the art room at all times. Students may listen to music with headphones during individual student work time as long as they remain on task. Ipads may be used to take notes and/or be used for research at the appropriate times. 

Bathrooms:If you need to use the bathroom during my class please let me know. There should be no more than one students out of the room at all times. Please make sure you take the bathroom pass with you when you leave.


Contact Ms. Douglas:Please feel free to contact me in one of the following ways if you have any questions, concerns or wish to schedule tutoring or a meeting.


                  Phone Number: (210)357-2379