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Randolph High School

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Hello Students and Parents!

As I am sure you’ve realized the definition of “normal classes” has changed. Change is sometimes a little scary, however It is important in times of change to remain flexible and adapt to the situation.It is hard to see a new situation as positive, unless you embrace the change. I want to assure you that your education is very important to me and I am striving to do whatever I can to help you learn and grow. I am embracing the change and I ask you to join me on this learning adventure.

Starting Monday you will begin receiving your assignments exclusively through Google Classroom. I will be changing some of the things you are used to and additionally we are working with Adobe to get access to the programs you use at school in your home.

Starting Monday I will have a google meet open for you to ask questions about a lesson or clarification. What is google Meet? Google meet is a video conference application that allows for face to face video chats. 

Our scheduled time for these conference calls is:

ELECTIVES:  1:00-2:00 

CTE/PE:  2:00-3:00

3:00-4:00 Monday-Wednesday-Friday:  OPEN BLOCK for any student/teacher needs

Because we will not be able to meet face to face in the physical world, we will have to meet in the virtual world.

I would like to remind you that our Social Contracts are also still in place and that you should brush up on what is and isn't appropriate in class. I know this is tough when you may be sitting in your room instead of our classroom

It is very important to read your assignments in Google Classroom very carefully,it is also crucial that you pay attention to your Due Dates.

I want you to know that I miss seeing every single one of you.

For now I sign off with hopes that you are all healthy and safe.

Be Good, careful and prepared,

Miss A

Dear Parents,
     This year I am adding  Digital Citizenship lessons throughout my regular lessons.The curriculum is through an organization called Common Sense Media. You can read more about their programs in the ABOUT US part of their website.I reccomend the site for research about social media and teens or simply reccomendations on movies, video game and music that is age appropiate for all teens.If you have questions or concerns please email at
Ms. Ana Arrieta
Class Rules 

Phones: NO PHONES IN CLASS! ALL Cell phones will be turned into teacher Lock Box at begining of class and retrieved at the end of each class.


Water in container with water-tight Lid. Only hard Candy.

-if food is brought in it will be taken to the back of the classroom by the student.


Bathroom is with pass only; student will not interrupt instruction or miss lecture for bathroom break.

-Please Remember to use the Pass!


Talking allowed, if it does not disrupt class.


Due Dates will be honored and obeyed. Students will turn in projects on time.


Respect, Property, fellow students and self.



Art critiques will use correct terms and helpful language.


Students will not sabotage other students' work.


Students may listen to music with permission while working on their projects. They must use head phones.


No Games on the school computers.


Respect intellectual property.


Clean up after yourself.





1st Level Courses


Tests                                                                              10%

Classwork                                                                    40%

Projects                                                                         50%




2ndLevel Courses


Tests                                                                              10%

Classwork                                                                    40%

Portfolio                                                                       50%






If you have missed an assignment or have failed an assignment you must complete the following before you are allowed to resubmit the assignment or re-test.Self-Critique form is below this web section!

  1.  Turn in a critique form.
  2. Make an appointment to discuss the critique form and get it signed by Ms. Arrieta.
  3. Complete a self assessment.
  4. Work on new project for at least 2 WIN periods, within 2 weeks of the assignment due date.
  5. Resubmit the project or retake test.


Wireman Wireman That Ain't Me

PA Written by Daniel W. Produced by A/V Production class. Camera by Jacob A. Audio Jadon M. Editing by Jamal , Jacob, Daniel, Jadon Talent Daniel Jadon Jamal
1st Period - Audio Video Production 1- 2
2nd Period - Principles of Art and Audio Visual Technology                         
3rd Period -Commercial Photography 1-2 
4th Period -  Animation 1- 2 
5th Period - Commercial Photography 1-2
6th Period -Planning                                      
7th Period - Graphic Design1/ Graphic Design 2
Tutoring and extra work time is during WIN or after school, Monday-Friday from 3:30-4:00
NEWS!!! Parents! This page is full of student work!
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