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Parents please send an email and fill out the Band Booster Membership Form so that we may send out most current information on upcoming events and for those of parents with seniors this year, so that your child may become eligible for a one of two $500 Band Scholarship at the end of the year.
Online Membership Form:

Fall 2018 Weekly Schedule




Week of November 12- Play Off Game 1 vs George West will be played in Jourdanton, TX

Monday- 7:20am Full Band

Tuesday- 7:20am Full Band

Wednesday- 7:20am Full Band
9:00am Meal money due 

7:20am Full Band

Band Will Attend Game- Attendance Mandatory

Friday- 7:20 Courtyard Performance- Black Band Shirt

3:45 game day run thru
4:00 eat, load trailer and put on uniform- Black shirts, Black Shoes and Sox, Black Gym Shorts
4:45 Inspection
5:00 Depart for Jourdanton HS
7:30 Game Starts
10:00 Game Ends
10:30 Depart for RHS
11:30 Arrive at RHS


Week of November 19- Play Off Game 2 (must win Play Off Game 1)

Friday- Band Will Attend Game

TBA game day run thru
TBA eat, load trailer and put on uniform- Black shirts, Black Shoes and Sox, Black Gym Shorts
TBA Inspection
TBA Depart for ? HS
7:30 Game Starts
10:00 Game Ends
10:30 Depart for RHS
TBA Arrive at RHS



Parents please send an email to the Band Parents' Association Secretary so that we may send out up to date information on upcoming events:

2018 Marching Band Camp Info- grades 8-12 that are registered for marching band 

New HS Students and 8th Grade Students

Band Camp is a great way for new students to meet others with a common interest and to make new friends at Randolph. New students that have received an acceptance letter to Randolph MS/HS or families that will be living on base, please show up to summer band even if you have not registered for classes. Here at Randolph HS, 8th Graders that already know how to play an instrument are encouraged to be a part of the RoHawk Marching Band. New HS students please email me your name, grade and what instrument you play so that we can add you to the drill design for the halftime show.


2018 RoHawk Marching Band Camp-

Camp Dates for all marching band members

July 30,31 and August 1 thru 10 from  8am-2:30pm (no weekends)

August 14,16 and 2  from 4pm-7pm Afternoon Rehearsals 

Due to the South Texas heat we will be starting at 8am. New band students to Randolph HS, current HS Band students and 8th Grade students that registered for marching band are required to attend. It is important that everyone attend because the drill formations will reflect the personnel that attend the band camp. We have to have the first song on the field before school starts so that we are ready for the first football game at the end of the first full week of school. If you will be out for part of the band camp because you are out of town or you are still waiting on school acceptance, please email me at or Mr. Giovanoni at to let us know what days you will be out and what instrument you play.


What to bring and prepare for Band Camp

Students need to drink plenty of water starting the last week of July to prepare for Band Camp. It is very important that students stay hydrated during band camp to avoid the symptoms of dehydration. Supplies include the following:
*Eat a real breakfast before you arrive
*Blue 1/2 gallon water jug will be mandatory for every rehearsal and performance for hydration
*Cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen- apply before you leave home
*Instrument- larger instruments will be issued during sectionals
*Music-new students will receive music during sectionals
*TIGHTLY laced up athletic shoes- no high-tops or sandals

Needed Items

*Smartmusic Student Subscription- $10. Make check out to Randolph Band.
*Flip Folder and Lyre- $8. Make check out to Randolph Band.
*Band shoes- we will measure for shoe during band camp. Cost is $28. Make check out to Randolph Band
*Band Polo Shirt- $20. Make check out to Randolph Band Boosters

*Band T-Shirt - $10.  Make check out to Randolph Band Boosters. 

*Black Gym Shorts and long black socks to wear with band uniform