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Randolph High School

SUMMER BAND CAMP UPDATE-Updated August 10th- Changes in red
*For latest info and updates- please send email to Randolph Band Boosters so they can add you to the mailing list.  Email:


*Tuesday and Thursday 4pm-6pm Evening Rehearsals for this week and next week have been moved to morning sectionals from 9-11am. Everyone on Tuesdays mornings. 2nd rehearsal on Thursday with some sections choosing to do Wednesday morning. Google meet codes ahve been sent out thru remind and emailed  
*Print New Version of Movement 3 posted on August 10th
*Audio Tracks of Movement 1 have been added (August 10th) to play along with. Soon to come 2nd and 3rd
*Print Music for show(updated parts) and Warm Ups- are located on the right side of this screen. Click on the song and the parts will appear so you can download your specific part.  Please print for virtual sectionals starting Monday, August 3rd, and please have headphones ready to use to avoid audio feedback.
Rohawk Marching Band August Information
Hello and welcome back Ro-Hawks. As we start the 2020 school year Mr. G and I a very exited to start and are committed to doing the best we can to providing a great musical experience for your child/children. I know many of you have questions about how band will conducted during the school year and when/how band camp will be taking place this August. Be assured that safety is the number one priority. At this time I only have information for camp and the first weeks of school as requirements are changing daily from TEA, UIL our state and local officials and district administration. The 2020 school year will start with a set of challenges that will require all of our members to participate unlike in previous years. These steps will be important to both your child's academic and extra-curricular achievement.  I have included below information for the August rehearsal schedule, tentative instrument pick up dates,  booster email  and the Rank One Sports physical registration requirements. If you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions please send me an email to
Randolph Band camp will be taking place daily thru a virtual platform (links will be posted late next week) starting on August 3 and will continue thru August 11 (no activities on the weekends). The daily schedule will be more condensed than previous years. We will start at 9am with marching fundamentals and move into sectionals at 10am and finish up at noon.   Starting August 12 thru September 3rd camp will be taking place on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-11am with some sections choosing to practice Wednesday morning instead of Thursday.  There will be days during that time that we will substitute during the morning instead. I will post an update to those morning dates once Dr. Malone notifies the teachers of our classroom workdays.  We must have all 3 songs for the UIL show and stands tunes learned by the time we get to Labor Day Weekend so that we can tentatively start learning drill the week of September 8th if and when in-class learning starts. 
If you will be out for part of the band camp because you are out of town or you are still waiting on school acceptance, please email me at or Mr. Giovanoni at to let us know what days you will be out and what instrument you play.
Instrument Pick-Up Info- July 29 and 30
Pick up days will be July 29 and 30 from 9am-11am. This includes front ensemble members. We will have a xylophone top or bell set for you.  Many of you that were in 1st period band already have a concert instrument at home. You will have the option to do camp on that instrument or come next week and pick up your marching instrument that is still in your band locker.  For freshmen and new students to Randolph that do not have an instrument, please email me ( ) so that we can make sure to have an instrument prepared and cleaned for you to pick up next week.  If you cannot come next week please email so we can set up a different day for you to come for the instrument. 
Virtual vs. In-classroon Instruction-
I would love to see everyone back at RHS once in- class learning starts up again.  This year, parents and students will be deciding to attend RHS either either in-class or virtually once the county officials and our Randolph administration deem it safe to start in-person learning.  The school administration will be setting a deadline for you and your family to choose either platforms. It is very important to the planning process for you to email me ( ) if you make that decision to continue with the virtual platform once in-class learning starts so that Mr. G and I can coordinate with the person writing the drill for this year's marching show. He needs to have as close to an accurate count of how many of each instrument to chart students for in the drill.  As your child knows, too many empty spaces and it creates a very challenging set of circumstances when we are learning the drill.  
Freshmen and New Marching Band Students-
Please contact me with your child's name, grade level and instrument they play so that we can contact the drill writer to add a marching spot to the drill.  If we do not know your child will be in marching band we may not have a spot in the drill for him/her once in-class learning begins.  ( )  It is also very important to send an email to our band booster organization (Email: ) so that they can add you to the email list as all of the marching band information will be coming thru their email, remind and facebook posts. If you will be out for part of the band camp because you are out of town or you are still waiting on school acceptance, please email me at or Mr. Giovanoni at to let us know what days you will be out and what instrument you play.
Drumline Auditions -
Auditions will be held on Monday, August 3, during virtual summer camp from 9am-10am. If you are unable to attend, please email me ( ) and Mr. G ( ) so we can make alternative arrangements for your audition.
Parents please send an email and fill out the Band Booster Membership Form so that we may send out most current information on upcoming events and for those of parents with seniors this year, so that your child may become eligible for a one of two $500 Band Scholarship at the end of the year.


 Marching band physicals required: Please Read All- IF you completed this process for either RMS or RHS during the 2019-2020 school year then you DO NOT NEED A NEW PHYSICAL but you still need to re-enroll in the Rank One System for the 2020-2021 school year-
The State UIL Office now require marching students to have a physical on file with the school in order to do any physical marching once in-person learning starts. If you were approved in the Rank One System for the 2019-2020 school you WILL HAVE TO RE-ENROLL in the Rank One Sports website for the 2020-2021 school year.  If your child DID NOT have complete the Rank One Sports process during the 2019-2021 school year,  your child WILL NEED a 1 of 2 written forms filled out by a physician, the 2nd of 2 written forms filled out by a parent or legal guardian and the online Rank One Sports information to fill out and submitted by the first week of September. The written forms must be turned into the RHS office or emailed to the Randolph Athletic Trainer, Mr. Olivera, . You only need to complete the process for one school activity so if your child is in dance, cheer, JROTC, sports, etc. it will count for band also.
Everyone must re-enroll for the 2020-2021 school year on the Rank One Sports Website even if you already did it for the 2020-2021 school year. IMPORTANT- If you use the Rank One Sports mobile app, you cannot enroll in Rank One until after July 1st as there is NO tab to click on to designate your enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year. You can enroll before July 1st but you will have to do so on a computer or lab-top and switch the year to 2020-2021. Below are the links to both the Randolph Athletics Rank One Info webpage, the Physical and Medical Forms and the Rank One Sports website. Please send me or Mr. O an email if you have any questions about completing the process to or


Student Marching Band Supplies and Fees: Please make check out to Randolph Band     

Form will include both required and optional fees like Program Fee (instrument specific and marching instructors during camp, music and drill, clinicians to work with band on music and/or marching) Smartmusic subscription (online music instructional aide), music flip folder and lyre, marching band shoes, gloves for uniform, personlized water jug, uniform cleaning fee, band T-shirt and band polo shirt for  performances that do not require the uniform, show theme shirt, game day after school meals and uniform matching mask for performances


PDF Supplies Form-  Coming by August 3rd


What to bring and prepare for Band Camp

Students need to drink plenty of water starting the last week of July to prepare for Band Camp. It is very important that students stay hydrated during band camp to avoid the symptoms of dehydration. Supplies include the following:
*Eat a real breakfast before you arrive
*Blue 1/2 gallon water jug will be mandatory for every rehearsal and performance for hydration
*Cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen- apply before you leave home
*Instrument- larger instruments will be issued during sectionals
*Music-new students will receive music during sectionals
*TIGHTLY laced up athletic shoes- no high-tops or sandals