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Randolph High School

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Welcome to what is sure to be another GREAT school year for all of you!



Our expectations for all students in Physical Education are centered around 100% daily participation in all of the activities scheduled for each day as well as following all class rules. Our program includes facets of the state mandated Fitness Gram Test that students will be expected to work to the best of their abilities to improve each day throughout the school year. Those facets include flexibility, upper body and abdominal strength, and fitness. We also expect all students to participate in all of the activities that are included with each unit, including safety, skill development, strategy and good sportsmanship. If there are limitations to the student’s ability to participate, we expect students/parents to provide proper documentation. All students will be expected to dress out each day in proper attire for physical activity.



Randolph Middle/High School Physical Education



Tim Gendron      357-2457                  

Stacy Bessire     357-2459            

Tania Peters      357-2460           

Elliott Ortiz        357-2476            



60%  Participation                                                      50%   Participation

20%  Physical Fitness                                                20%   Physical Fitness

10%  Knowledge/Sportsmanship                   20% Knowledge/Sportsmanship

10%  Skills                                                                 10%   Skills



Curl ups: tests abdominal strength                    Right and left arm stretch: tests flexibility

Pushups: tests upper body strength                  Trunk Lift: tests flexibility

Mile Run: tests cardiovascular endurance         Height and Weight   


FITNESS GRADES:  Each week (either once or twice), all PE classes will run a timed mile for a grade. The students will be built up to running four laps in the first three weeks of the year, and the grading scale can be found on the teacher’s web pages.

Fitness Gram testing is done once a year, usually in the Fall Semester. The State of Texas requires PE students to be tested once a year.

EXCUSES: Students will dress out even if participation is to be limited by one of the following types of excuses (exceptions for some medical issues).

PARENTAL: a parental excuse is good for one, two or a maximum of three days. Excessive parent notes could result in a reduction of the student’s participation grade.

COACHES:  student tells coach they are ill before class begins and turns in slip.

MEDICAL: (Doctor’s Note) this note should explain the limitation and length of limitation. A student who will need more than the 3 days of parental note excuse must have a doctor’s note. Students that are on extended modifications may have grades modified as well, no lower than 90%.



Physical fitness/Cardio-MS/HS                           Physical Fitness Testing-MS/HS            

Flag Football-MS                                              Volleyball-MS/HS

Team Handball-MS/HS                                      Basketball-MS/HS

Badminton-HS                                                   Tumbling/basic gymnastics-MS

Pickle Ball-HS                                                   Floor Hockey-MS/HS

Tennis-MS/HS                                                   Indoor Soccer-MS/HS

Outdoor Soccer-MS/HS                                     Track and Field-MS

Weight lifting-HS                                               Softball-MS/HS


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My Class Schedule

1st 8:00 - 8:54 MS Physical Education
2nd 8:58 - 9:48 MS Physical Education
3rd  9:52 - 10:42 HS Physical Education
4th  10:56 - 11:36 Planning
5th  11:40-11:55/12:00-12:30 TXVSN/Lunch
WIN 12:34 - 1:09 WIN
Lunch Duty  1:09 - 1:39 Courtyard
6th  1:43 - 2:33 MS Physical Education
7th  2:37 - 3:30 HS Girls Athletics
Tutoring 3:30 - 4:00 M, W & Th